RPC Toddler Onesie

These Rifle Paper pattern onesies are sure to brighten your day!

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How to Access the Onesie in CAS:

The onesie (being that it’s from the Nifty Knitting pack) will require you to level-up in the knitting skill to be able to craft it for your little ones. Alternatively (if you play with cheats like I do) you can enter the following code in CAS and it will unlock all the knitting items for that particular sim….

The cheat to unlock all of this stuff in CAS is cas.unlockbytag SP17 and will unlock all of the items for The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting. These will be unlocked for the entire save and you aren’t able to undo this, but you’ll be able to still knit them if you want.

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CC Requirements: