Llama Kids Bedroom

Some of the very first CC I ever made (and shared) was the Cutie Pie Kids Set. I still love that set but I’ve learned soooo much about recolouring and making CC since then that it was really fun to take on another kid-themed project this month.

This set features—you guessed it—llamas!

There are 7 items (I’ve listed the requirements for each)

  • 4-tile wallpaper (base game)
  • Child’s sweater-dress (req. city living)
  • Canvas paintings  (req. dine out)
  • Wall hangings (req. spa day)
  • Room divider (req. kids room)
  • Single Bed (req. university)
  • Round rug (req. university)

I’d love your feedback on this set. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to expand on it yet or not.

Happy Simming! xo

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