RH Refined Retail & Dining Set

My thoughts are with you all during these very strange and trying times. I think I’ve never appreciated the Sims and our little community as much as I have these past few weeks.

To show my appreciation for your support I’ve been working on my biggest set yet. I did a complete RH overhaul of many of my favourite retail and dining objects. I was never really satisfied with my community lot builds but now with these reimagined items I’m really enjoying this aspect of gameplay again. I hope this adds another dimension to your game too. We can all use a little escapism at the moment, right?!

This set includes 17 objects with at least 10 swatches per item.

Please note that you’ll need Get to Work or Dine out for most of the items. There are also a couple of Spa Day items as well as one from University.

Stay safe everyone and happy Simming.


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